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Paradigm Shift

Posted in Sex by tk on May 27, 2011


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  1. newtsohn said, on May 28, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    Every now and zen, my brother dances from rock to rock over fast water, crossing the rivers of our youth to see me. Now, as then, he leaps confidently, smiling in the approach. He instructs me in effort that is no effort. Sublime peace obtains the moment we greet, and he plants a new first kiss on my forehead just as he did in 1951, when his gift of love re-set the world to make space for me in the sanctuary of first-borns. Few second sons are by grace so received. Through many years, I was his little Kierkegaard, fearful and trembling yet snug and safe in his hip pocket; taken to school on the substance of leaps to faith through the rhythm of his conscious ambulation. The leap, I learned, is primary — it’s what you do. Faith just waits like a neutral. One day I crawled out of that pocket instructed by tangible memories and rare ontological indications. Now I send my thanks, in the form of careful prayer, to a gentle man. He’s no longer here as we yet encumbered by flesh perceive. What of those visits, mere dream-sleep? As he who rode the pocket, I doubt it. Paradigms, by definition, do shift. When not on a frolic of his own to see me and others, surely my brother, the Cloud Dancer, is embraced by angels.

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