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Why is modern customer service such an insult?

Posted in Business by tk on December 21, 2010

If I have to say “Speak to a representative” one more fucking time I am going to sue something.


Startups with no revenue model annoy the hell out of me

Posted in Business by tk on December 16, 2010

You don’t have to look any further than that bastion of insider-Silicon-Valley-bullshit-peddling also known as Tech Crunch to find another article in the heap of stories announcing ludicrous fundraising rounds for companies that have no perceivable business model.

Look at this article about TWITTER’S LATEST ROUND to see what I mean. [note:  the swirling, money pit graphic is particularly apropos].

What happened to the notion that a company had to have a short term revenue model, financial forecasts, and a growth strategy based, not on an accumulations of eyeballs, but actual monetization!

Sure Twitter may pull something out of the hat, but at this point they are just a brilliant social news service with no real revenue stream,a burgeoning empire of overpriced employees, and an astronomical small-batch coffee budget .

“But what about the Sponsored Tweets!” you might exclaim.  Are you serious?  No fucking way am I going to buy the brand of pomade that some jackass celebrity keeps yammering about: no matter how elegantly mussed his hair looks. Not gonna happen.  Sponsored Trends you say? Even a worse idea.  I am not going to run out mindlessly to see “Little Fockers” no matter how many times you force it on me in the guise of something that people ARE ACTUALLY tweeting about, like Jake Gyllenhaal or: #analbeads.

I hereby challenge the lemmings of Sand Hill Road to stop rushing full steam ahead toward another cliff carved in the shape of the newest idiot “technology,” and start telling the snot-nosed Stanford kids – with some shiny new startup that the three nattering nabobs of the technoblogosphere are fellating like over-enthusiastic college coeds –  “Show me the money!”